The ICF defines coaching as Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process inspires them to maximize That Their Personal and professional potential.

Today, ICF is coaching for professionals worldwide Recognized Among Specifically:

  • Developing coaching core competencies
  • Establishing a professional code of ethics and standards
  • Creating an Internationally Recognized credentialing program
  • Setting guidelines for accreditation through coach-specific training programs
  • Providing continuous education through world-class events,
  • Communities of Practice (CPs) and archived learning.

Vision Statement

Coaching is an integrated part of a thriving society and every ICF Member Represents the highest quality of professional coaching.


ICF exists to lead the overall advancement of the coaching profession.

Core Values

We are Committed to reliability, openness, acceptance and congruence and Consider all parts of the community ICF mutually accountable to uphold the following values:

  1. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards for the coaching profession and our organization Both.
  2. Excellence: We set and Demonstrate professional standards of excellence for quality coaching, qualification and competence.
  3. Collaboration: We value the social connection and community building through collaborative That OCCURS partnership and co-created achievement.
  4. Respect: We are inclusive and value the diversity and richness of our stakeholders overall. We put people first, without compromising standards, policies and quality.